NAVA Apparel is inspired by individual beauty, meticulous attention to detail, ecological sustainability
and economic fairness. NAVA is energized about being different from the norm, unconventional and
‘out of the box’. The word ‘NAVA’ originates from a South African slang word, describing ‘beautiful’.

NAVA describes each and every craftsman and -woman who work with us and each and every
individual who supports us in our uncompromising mission to be beautiful, fair and unique!

NAVA holds a firm and determined vision of creativity and civility. In a time that is plagued by massive
corporations mass producing their products in big factories with poor working conditions and
underpaid and unappreciated staff, NAVA wants to distance itself from this ideology as much as
it can. We have set our standards very high. Not just in the quality of the materials we use and the places
we source them from, but also in how we interact and reward the amazing people that work with us.

This is NAVA. Designing and making individual and complementary products by talented and passionate
local South African craftsmen and -women. All of them dedicated masters of their trade, who practice
their art with joy and devotion.

Together with them, we would like to invite you to come and visit our One of a Kind store in Woodstock,
Cape Town and create a special kind of NAVA, just for you. There is a range of possibilities with which we
can customise your NAVA product to suit your personal taste. With interchangeable patterns and a
selection of leathers, fabrics and materials, crafted to fit you perfectly.

By supporting NAVA, you not only support economically fair and environmentally sustainable products,
but you also support local charities and environmental projects in and around South Africa.

We are NAVA and we really look forward to meeting you!


Please contact us here regarding any questions or inquiries for customisations.