Women’s V-Sandals ‘Khoisan’ Gazelle Black Leather


  • 100% Genuine leather product
  • Tribal pattern cotton weave strap
  • Gazelle black leather base
  • Golden buckle
  • Leather lining inside
  • Fiber insole board with latex foam wrapped in leather
  • Foam wedge for comfort
  • Grizzle sole
  • Handmade in South Africa
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NAVA Apparel’s ‘Khoisan’ Women’s V-Sandals with a multi colour tribal design cotton weave strap and gazelle black leather base. The interior of the sandals are fully lined with leather for maximum comfort and soles consisting of 3 different layers. Fiber insole boards with latex foam for softness plus foam wedges for heel and back support, all wrapped in leather and the fitted with grizzle soles for grip. All NAVA Apparel shoes are handmade by local South African craftsman.

Khoisan‘ is a unifying name for two tribes of Southern Africa, who share physical and putative linguistic characteristics distinct from the Bantu majority. Culturally, the Khoisan are divided into the foraging San, or Bushmen, and the pastoral Khoi, or more specifically Khoikhoi. Previously known as Hottentots. The San include the indigenous inhabitants of Southern Africa before the southward Bantu migrations from Central and East Africa reached their region, which led to the Bantu populations displacing the Khoi and San to become the predominant inhabitants of Southern Africa. The distinct origin of the Khoi is debated. Over time, some Khoi abandoned pastoralism and adopted the hunter-gatherer economy of the San, probably due to a drying climate, and are now considered San. Similarly, the Bantu Damara people who migrated south later abandoned agriculture and adopted the Khoi economy. Large Khoisan populations remain in the Kalahari Desert.

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